Mykonos – more than just a party Island

Mykonos, known for its summer parties, is an adorable little island for your Greek Isles itinerary. An easy 2-3 hour ferry ride from Santorini, Mykonos has lovely beaches with beautiful sand and turquoise waters; something that you will miss in SantoriniYou could start at Mykonos, enjoy its great nightlife and then make your way to Santorini for some detox and relaxation! Beyond the epic party scene and celebrity sightings, Mykonos has something for everyone – families, honeymooners and solo travellers. Here are a few not be missed recommendations for your Mykonos adventure.

Indulge in gourmet cuisine while catching the sunset by Little Venice

Located on the south-east end of the harbor, Little Venice is adorned with elegant bars and restaurants with colorful windows giving off a charming, picturesque aura. Grab a table by the shore, indulge in some gourmet Greek cuisine and sip on a tropical cocktail as you immerse in the island’s most beautiful sunset.

Little Venice


Visit the windmills of Chora

One of the most iconic landmarks of the island are the windmills. Dotting the Chora hilltop and overlooking Little Venice, the windmills were built in the 16th century by the Venetians to use wind power for milling wheat.  I recommend walking up the hill in Chora for some insta-worthy pictures 🙂 Also, visit the windmill of Boni, which is now a museum.


Enjoy the Beaches

Paradise and Super Paradise beaches (yes, those are the names of the beaches!) are the most popular ones with a party flair. Grab a drink, ditch the swimsuit (read: nude beach), and enjoy a sun-filled afternoon during the day and dance away to thumping music from world class DJs at night. Paradise beach is lined with restaurants, bars, and strip resort hotels with Cavo Paradiso Club and Tropicana Beach Bar being the popular ones. Further east along the coast is the Super Paradise Beach that attracts a large portion of Mykonos’ LGBT community. For those looking to skip the party scene and nudity, head further north-west up the coastline to Psarou Beach. This is a great spot for water sports like windsurfing. If you end up avoiding the summer (the party months) like we did, most night clubs are closed, the beaches are serene and you can enjoy a quiet lap of turquoise waters and golden sands.

Paradise Beach – yes, it is a nude beach and yes, you can ride an ATV to get there!IMG_9580

Shop and stroll the cute alleyways

Mykonos is a small Island with tiny, quaint villages that are best explored on foot. The narrow alley ways are filled with luxury and local boutiques. It definitely has the best shopping scene in Greece.


Visit the Churches

Mykonos is home to 365 churches. However, Panagia Paraportiani in central Chora is by far the most famous. Quite of few of these somber white-washed churches date back to the Byzantine era and are still used as places of worship.

The beautiful Panagia Paraportiani church
Panagia Paraportiani – front view


Been to Mykonos? What were some of your favourite things to do? Comment below, would love to hear 🙂