Oh, Santorini!


‘The Isles of Greece, the Isles of Greece, eternal summer gilds them yet…’

Best described by Lord Byron, the Greek Islands adorned in a constant gold hue and boasting of an eternal summer is on everyone’s travel list. We chose Santorini and Mykonos for our first trip to Greece and absolutely did not regret. The two Islands offered completely different experiences and were a great teaser to the beauty the Isles behold. Cannot wait to go back and explore more. But until then, here are some tips on how you can enjoy Santorini and Mykonos.

Santorini is arguably the most famous of the Greek islands, and for good reason. It’s a postcard-perfect destination with white-washed buildings and their blue accent doors.  The pictures of the setting sun behind the island’s caldera may be a romantic cliché, but it still takes your breath away.


How to get there? Santorini is a short flight away from Athens. The flights are usually quite inexpensive if booked in advance and run daily. Another option is to take a ferry, high speed ferries take about 5 hours and the slow ones up to 10 hours. Ferry schedules vary by season and don’t be surprised by last minute ferry cancellations in the low season. Make sure you take this into account when planning your trip.

Where to stay? Fira, Firostefani, Imerovigli and Oia are the adorable traditional villages that have stunning views of the sunken caldera and volcano. Of them, Oia is the most popular. There are tons of romantic hotels to choose from. Our criteria was an infinity pool and a hot tub in the room. Watching the stars in the warmth of bubbling water is an experience that cannot be beaten!


What to do? The best thing to do in Santorini is definitely to relax and watch sunsets, the island does offer some unique experiences though:

  1. Try Sailing: A sailboat is the best way to explore the caldera and access some of the beautiful Santorini beaches – Red Beach, White Beach, Black Beach and Kumari Beach. Not to mention you get beautiful views of the town perched above and some gorgeous sunset shots!
  2. IMG_9410IMG_9378
  3. Tour the Island in a ATV: Santorini has some quaint and pretty villages. Oia is the most popular and populated, but rent an ATV and ride along the island to explore the smaller and much sleepier villages for a truly local experience. Most of it can be done in a day!IMG_9216IMG_9197
  4. Taste some Greek wine: Wine production in Santorini dates back to Roman times and it is still one of the primary local products. The island has quite a few scattered wineries. Choose one and experience a unique tasting setting with amazing views of the caldera and the volcano. Try Santo Wines.IMG_9183
  5. Experience most romantic dinners: When in Santorini, every dinner can be the most romantic ever. After all what can beat a fresh Greek meal, paired with some good local wine, overlooking an azure blue ocean, with the most gorgeous sunset as back drop! The only place in the world where you can experience this everyday. So, do it! 🙂IMG_9259IMG_9483

Embrace the island life, live slow, relax and savour every moment. Let me know how your trip to Santorini was!