This post is a continuation of the EAT PRAY LOVE in UBUD series. Part 1 was all about Eat, as (I’m sure you can tell by now) food is a major component of all my travels! I am a total foodie and always seek out the popular, local, hole-in-the-wall and fine-dining restaurants at my travel destinations. Now for some Pray and Love.


Bali is rightly called the “Land of Gods.” The island is dotted with temples – small, big, ancient and famous. Praying and spirituality is deeply engraved in the Balinese culture. Shrines and deities are the pivot around which homes are built and you can spot a small temple almost every 50 steps. Praying for me was not just visiting some of these holy temples but it was the inner peace I was able to harness every time I stood silent in a temple ground.

Uluwatu Temple – best visited during sunset
Kechuk dance performance at the Uluwatu temple
Temple Grounds
My Little Heart (in Pray mode) ❤


An Indonesian family offering their prayers. The deity area is accessible only to those offering prayers in traditional outfits.
Goa Gajah Temple. It is an easy detour on the way to Tegenungan Waterfalls.  The caves boast very intricate carvings.


Saraswati Temple in the heart of Ubud

These are some temples we were able to fit in our itinerary, but so many more to see – add Tanah Lot and the Puea Pasar Agung to your list if you can!

We also experienced a healing session with Wayan the famous healer from Eat Pray and Love – the session was too generic and disappointing, it is unfortunate that her practice is quite commercialized now. She handles multiple clients at the same time which made us question her focus. We felt very disconnected with Wayan.


I fortunately found my love 13 years ago so I was not seeking a partner, however Love for me in Ubud was really love for self and being one with nature. Eating clean, yoga every morning, evening pool sessions and the lush green sights really helped me reset and revive.

We also participated in a few classes of the Deep Dive Ecstatic dance at the Paradiso Ubud. This was by far the most intense experience in Bali. The class lets you express your emotions through dance in a very safe and non judgemental environment. I would recommend everyone to experience this – it is an absolute drugless high!

You yourself, as much as anybody else in the universe, deserves your love and affection!
The villa staff were kind enough to set this up 🙂 We stayed at the Luwak Ubud Villas, and it was fabulous.
Telangana Rice Fields
Tegenungan Water falls!


The monkey forest in the center of Ubud is another place you cannot miss! Our little one loved it.

There is something about Ubud that makes you feel connected to the earth. Perhaps it is the spiritual architecture with minimum environmental impact and maximum social responsibility or the preserved lush greenery creating a cool and mystic aura…

What is your Bali story?