Eat Pray Love…. in UBUD (Part 1 of 2)

This is part 1 of a 2-part blog series of my Ubud experience. Look out for Part 2 next week.

I bet the Balinese can’t thank Julia Roberts enough for transforming the “land of gods” to one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. We chose to celebrate the NY2018 in Bali despite the regular (and overhyped) Volcano threat. Mt. Agung, however, was kind and quiet so we ended up having a great vacation. Before I talk about my time in Ubud, I do want to caution you about Seminyak. This was my second trip to Seminyak and I was quite disappointed to see how the city had changed. Once a popular resort town with high-end restaurants and stores, it is now a collection of congested streets filled with smokers. If you are not a smoker, you might just suffocate of passive smoking as I did.  But for this blog lets focus on lush, green and mesmerising Ubud. My first time in Ubud and I am in LOVE!


Ubud is heaven for food lovers, especially healthy eaters. Scores of restaurants and cafes around Ubud serve delicious farm fresh food and drinks. You can really find any combination without looking too hard – Cooked/Raw, Vegan/Vegetarian/Meat, Gluten Free/Glutenous, Sweet/Savoury,  Organic/Farm-to-Table etc….. We tried a new place every day and some of our favorites are listed below:

  1. Clear Cafe – Awesome Ambience. Picture a wholesome meal amidst an indoor fish pond, tropical plants and marigold flowers. The food is flavourful. The best Nasi Campur I could find in Ubud.
    The ambience at Clear Cafe immediately transports you to a zen state of mind!

    Dining by the fish pond. The dish on the left is Nasi Campur – best in all of Bali 🙂
  2. Sari Organik – A minimal organic cafe set up in a rice field. Indulge in wholesome entrees made fresh from the produce picked next door, while immersing in gorgeous rice field views . Best visited in the evenings.
    The rice fields surrounding Sari Organik. Enjoy an amazing view whilst sipping those fresh cocktails.

    The meal!
  3. Kismet Café – A great option for dinner. They have managed to incorporate Asian flavours to a Western menu. Their salad bowls are amazing and don’t be shy to try vegetarian poutine.

    Dinner at Kismet Cafe – Vegetarian green curry poutine! You can’t go wrong with that one.
  4. Melting Wok – This “warung” has a small and cute setup but serves up the BEST Curry. They have a very small menu – may be 5 items. Be sure to make reservations,  as the tables fill up quickly.
  5. Alchemy – I can rave about their raw food all day long.

    This is a plate of raw, vegan Nachos – who would have thought?
  6. Seniman Coffee Studio – Hands down the best coffee in town. Also, try their health shots after your cuppa. Vedant was struggling with a cold and he immediately felt relieved after a shot of “Kenour.”

    Seniman Style!

P.S This is a compilation of small and simple cafes and restaurants close to the Ubud Center. Obviously, there also are several of resort-owned fancy restaurants to choose from. Swept Away at the Four Seasons is my favourite amongst them.

Also, do not forget to try the Luwak Coffee – if you can get past the fact that the beans are extracted from the Civet poo! But its so delicious tho! mmmmmm……

Luwak Coffee – we had it brewed every morning!

Some more pictures of the deliciousness from Seminyak:

I call this the food pyramid, smoothie, coffee, eggs and carbs 🙂 This is Earth Cafe. There is one in Ubud in case you skip Seminyak.
Chandi has an elegant atmosphere and serves the best skewers in town. Note: they have vegetarian skewers as well!
Corner House Cafe in Seminyak is hard to miss – literally in the corner and they serve the famous Revolver Coffee.