Maldives – A slice of heaven


CoverEver since I heard that the Maldivian Atolls may submerge over time, I had the itch to go see for myself what the Maldivian hype was about. And without a doubt – Maldives is drop-dead gorgeous. As soon as you take the sea plane and take off, the distant atolls seem like path-way to heaven! Here is a list of when in Maldives:

Ride a Seaplane:

Maldives comprises of over 1,100 islands and 26 Atolls. Malé the capital is just a landing point and once there, you are then transferred to your resort (depending on the distance – resorts arrange for either a speedboat or a sea plane). Choose a resort farther out if you want the seaplane experience! It is will worth the dollar spent. And yes, you are landing and taking off on water. And the areal view of the Atolls are an added bonus.


Experience what it feels to be secluded in a small Island community:

Maldives gives you an experience of the Island life up and close. Every resort is its own Island and that is your home for the entire trip. Island hopping is painful and expensive. We were quoted USD $1200 for a round-trip transfer between 2 islands – no thank you. You pretty much stay and live with the fellow guests and the resort care takers. It starts to feel like a small community living on an Island very soon as you meet and greet the same set of people.

Wake up being the only person on an uninhabited Island:

Sounds like cast away, but only with an available boat service to take you back to civilisation when you want to. This was definitely the highlight of our trip. We booked a private island to dine and spend the night. The hotel organised a gorgeous dinner on the beach and then left the island to us – a little scary I have to admit – but checking off my bucket list as well. 🙂  The next morning we felt like Adam and Eve – ready to start a civilisation. Some resorts offer this service. Try and experience it.

Private DinnerUNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_ac

Read, Drink, Snorkel, repeat:

A week in Maldives can be easily spent ocean gazing, reading that favourite book and sipping your favourite drink. Don’t forget the gorgeous marine life right at your doorstep. We saw baby sharks and stingrays pass by our room during breakfast. If you are not a diver – do not worry, you can experience the underwater beauty easily while snorkelling. We swam with schools of fish and turtles without having to dive.

ReadDrinkBaby SharksShark

Live like a Queen in the epitome of Luxury:

Maldivian resorts are your epitomes of luxury and customer service. The resort managers will go to lengths ensure every comfort during your stay at their island. Live this life of private butlers and feel royal!


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